Planet Azienda


Planet SrL is part of Group, that includes PlanetVal . We invest 6% of revenues in R&D activities, in national and European Projects.

The fields included in this process are:

-          Digital Video

-          System & Networks

-          Customer Development

-          Training & Consulting

We are focused on activities fields all interacting, to achieve Solutions for all our Clients.

Digital video, System and Networks, Custom and Development, Training and Consulting



The Digital Video  has always been the pivot of Planet activities, and it represents the core business of the company since its foundation: the experience and the attention to technological development make of Planet the leading company in the Digital Video field.

Digital Video’s nature, with its wide spectrum of applicability in different  environments, brought Planet to develop a precious capacity to operate in the field of System Integration and dedicated Netwok Development.

The high Specialization of Planet’s Technicians has allowed the Company to successfully  face situations and specific needs requesting a high capacity of adjustment  to specific Clients’ needs, to whom we always offer totally customized solutions, in order to grant a key customer’s solution.

Also, special attention is dedicated to final Coaching and Training to which we pay the same special attention as to the crucial moments of projecting, developing, testing and maintenance. Our training activities  are handled by a highly skilled  “on the job “ team.