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Unified Communication

Planet supports  Clients in the development of unified  communication systems in order to endavour efficiency and collaboration inside Organizations.

We  have deep knowledge in system integration: from Tele presence rooms to web videocommunication technology.


Low latency bidirectional video communication is a  specific video over IP streaming application, and it results  suitable to adapt to the following applications:



It allows connections among TV studios ,by reducing  costs and latency of other means of communication, thus gaining more dynamic broadcasting



Video communication boosts successful  collaboration among “in loco” surgeons with  “in remote” specialized personnel  for mutual consulting during surgical operations; it also finds a good application field in didactics by reducing infrastructures need and students displacement.


Institutional Organizations  and big enterprises

Video communication strengthens the possibilities of organizing meetings  that might request  excessive logistics efforts, in an economical and secure manner

Interpersonal Communication in Organizations

Nowadays organizations  face new challenges, with special care to interpersonal communication strategies for knowledge enhancement.


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