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Unified Communication

Planet supports  Clients in the development of unified  communication systems in order to endavour efficiency and collaboration inside Organizations.

We  have deep knowledge in system integration: from Tele presence rooms to web videocommunication technology.

Planning and realization of complete solutions

Decennial experience that Planet matured in the realization of Voip and Video conference projects for Italian leading companies, deep knowledge in terms of streaming, encoding and managing of video over IP network, grant our customers with highest satisfaction, ranging from planning action to aftersales services.

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Contributions from studies on IP network

The growth of channels to be managed, transition to HD quality, externalization of productions and services have increased the need to reduce costs and innovate networks, in order to keep them efficient.

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Telemedicine Solutions

Planet plans solutions for Telemedicine. We can build solutions for ECG,EEG, stethoscope, PACS remote control, with high quality image and almost null latency. The use of high definition, of audio high quality and 3D also, will establish a presence sensation with no need to be on place 

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Interpersonal Communication in Organizations

Nowadays organizations  face new challenges, with special care to interpersonal communication strategies for knowledge enhancement.


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Case study

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Consiglio Regionale della Valle d'Aosta

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