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Unified Communication

Planet supports  Clients in the development of unified  communication systems in order to endavour efficiency and collaboration inside Organizations.

We  have deep knowledge in system integration: from Tele presence rooms to web videocommunication technology.

Convergence over IP network


The belief in convergent services guides our proposals

The network for all services

Voice over IP


Voip, the mature technology for voice transport over IP, grants savings  and an unequalled efficiency for distributed realities.

Interpersonal communication represents a competitive advantage in a rising  number of companies, and VOIP systems represent one of the pillars of Unified Communication.

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The term “videoconference” implies at least three different distance video communication types: personal Video Conference, Room Video Conference, and sophisticated Telepresence. For each type, Planet offers best attention to planning and realization.

Planet even offers VC Personal, generally dedicated to  personal and virtual use on a private PC; it’s offered as an optimized no investment service to customer.

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IP network performance grants efficacy and reliability in Full HD quality  video communication. Planet offers “state of the art” solutions to endorse efficient services in broadcasting, telemedicine, simultaneous broadcasting.


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Interpersonal Communication in Organizations

Nowadays organizations  face new challenges, with special care to interpersonal communication strategies for knowledge enhancement.


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Case study

Video conference Room

Consiglio Regionale della Valle d'Aosta

Video presence

Web Conference Hosted