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Digital Video

Planet owns great experience in the multimedia network appliances. The company has realized many IPTV systems for Clients in  Telco, Finance and  Government markets.

Planet has managed Web TV Solutions for Private and Institutional Clients and Digital Signage Systems on national and international markets.

Planet has internal equipped laboratories  that can simulate any video content production and distribution. The company disposes of systems positioned in IDC of national relevance, and interconnections to global CDN resulting in quality and efficacy with deference to provided and supplied  services.

Convergence over IP network


The belief in convergent services guides our proposals

The network for all services

Institutional WebTV

Institutional WebTV: an instrument  to increase the transparency  of Society's democratic process

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Content management

Planet  creates fully-developed systems  for multimedia content management, which let the simultaneous capture from multiple devices , both low and high resolution, let low resolution video streaming  from tape, and grant ingestion and classification of multilevel clips: in this way the search and management of subsequent uses can be  accomplished.


The management of multimedia asset’s life cycle is carried out by organizing the fluid's movement during workflow production operations, by memorizing it at the most appropriate level and storage type, and by implementing all the relevant intelligent retrieval functions on the basis of complex metadata.

Broadcast IPTV

Garavot Broad, soluzioni multicanale

The managing of Digital Video, the organization of palimpsest, the TV programs scheduling and the appropriate publication of contents constitute priority elements of audio/video management: at least those characterizing the professional approach. 


Planet supports the customer in crucial technological migration of broadcasting in all of its components, by realizing multichannel solutions, by producing formats, ensuring a vantguard handling  in the video content management (CMS) and in digital storage. The new technologies introduced with digital TV have determined an increased number of channels’ availability and have spread the possibilities of exploitation, with the creation of new services targeting a new and exigent public. The new generation offer, thanks to a higher interactivity level of services and to greater personalization of use will determine the winners of the new challenge.

Garavot brand is the ideal solution for contents scheduling and distribution, and for the creation of palimsests on a broadband network. The access to contents is handled by a dedicated module, namely Garavot Portal, which profiles and qualifies the access devices as PC, Set Top Box, mobiles, etc.


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Garavot is the reliable and complete solution for Video over IP applications: it covers all functionalities  and processes  linked to production of streaming services and IPTV, applying the ideal contents’ management through different devices. Multiuser and multidevice functions and automatic production’s  workflow make of it a necessary platform for multimedia contents’ management in modern organizations.

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Connected TV

The new devices for use of TV contents now on the market, as Connected TVs, offer the integration of new value added services, thus granting new business models both to Traditional Broadcasters and  to Companies and Institutions.

Planet develops end-to-end solutions and applications  for these new devices.

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