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Digital Video

Planet owns great experience in the multimedia network appliances. The company has realized many IPTV systems for Clients in  Telco, Finance and  Government markets.

Planet has managed Web TV Solutions for Private and Institutional Clients and Digital Signage Systems on national and international markets.

Planet has internal equipped laboratories  that can simulate any video content production and distribution. The company disposes of systems positioned in IDC of national relevance, and interconnections to global CDN resulting in quality and efficacy with deference to provided and supplied  services.


Planet owns a proprietary middleware suitable to cover IPTV production services and to modulate functions and services of Corporate TV and Web TV; The middleware allows massive recording of video streaming in any format; it also allows Broadcast creation and distribution and it covers all the specific needs of Business TV.

Planet philosopy conceives  the use of open standards: this philosophy is pursued from the initial planning of software up to realization of all structural components.

This allows Garavot middleware to be naturally open to  customer oriented developments and its easy integration in any environment.


Garavot IPTV Brochure

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Planet solutions which target the Web TV market,  have got Garavot multimedia middleware as its  key factor : it is a modular open platform showing multiple functionalities adaptable to different uses’ environment, from Corporate TV to IPTV: from Web TV to massive video streaming recording; from the creation and distribution of palimpsests for broadcast TV up to the business TV.

The use of open standards in  software development and in structural components' planning make  Garavot middleware open to developments specifically respondent to customer’s needs, and make it easily  adaptable to any IT environment.


Case study Web TV Chamber of Commerce


Brochure Garavot WebTV


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Corporate IPTV

corporate iptv

Corporate TV: it represents  a new way to communicate, to train, to follow up among customers or inside the company. IP transport infrastructure is used to diffuse video contents in a digital format through broad band internet connections: in a simple, innovative and economic way.


Generally contents exploitation is granted via VoD (Video on Demand) method, and it is associated to web access and to VoIP, as the three services  share the same infrastructure: but it may also be  associated to dynamic communication, or DDS (Dynamic Digital Signage), as it can be adapted to indoor or outdoor solutions, thanks to versatility of terminals, which might be LED or plasma screens; so you might find terminals as big as promotional boards or as small as home TVs and organized in stands or paired to other interactive systems.



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Garavot is the reliable and complete solution for Video over IP applications: it covers all functionalities  and processes  linked to production of streaming services and IPTV, applying the ideal contents’ management through different devices. Multiuser and multidevice functions and automatic production’s  workflow make of it a necessary platform for multimedia contents’ management in modern organizations.

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Connected TV

The new devices for use of TV contents now on the market, as Connected TVs, offer the integration of new value added services, thus granting new business models both to Traditional Broadcasters and  to Companies and Institutions.

Planet develops end-to-end solutions and applications  for these new devices.

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Digital Signage

Scala Digital Signage


Since 1996, Planet is first reseller in Italy for high value added  professional solutions based on suite software for the brand SCALA, world leader in the development of Digital Signage applications , with millions of screens active worldwide

Case Study ElexTV

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