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Digital Video

Planet owns great experience in the multimedia network appliances. The company has realized many IPTV systems for Clients in  Telco, Finance and  Government markets.

Planet has managed Web TV Solutions for Private and Institutional Clients and Digital Signage Systems on national and international markets.

Planet has internal equipped laboratories  that can simulate any video content production and distribution. The company disposes of systems positioned in IDC of national relevance, and interconnections to global CDN resulting in quality and efficacy with deference to provided and supplied  services.

Convergence over IP network


The belief in convergent services guides our proposals

The network for all services

Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T)

Il Digitale Terrestre DVB-T

Digital Terrestrial Television(DVB-T) is a digital TV signal broadcasting , and it doesn’t need to receive digital signals from satellite. In the case of DT, one can receive digital TV channels with commonly distributed  TV antennas, a  satellite dish being  unnecessary.

Nowadays, the old analogic TV has  been substituted  by digital TV. With old analogic TV there used to be a unique channel per single broadcasting frequency; DT allows broadcasting  compression and 4, 6 channels for each broadcasting frequency can be conceived (multiplex).

Italy is thinking to turn into digital 55 of the existing  59 channels Vhf and Uhf, consequently a multiplex equivalent to 4 will grant 220 channels visibility (55X4)


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Digital Rights Management

Digtal Right Managemets

The acronym DRM (Digital Rights Management) describes the technology protecting copyright with regard to  digital content use .

This topic covers different aspects: regulatory  and functional aspects, technological constrains and behaviour constraints, and all possible correlations among them . The relation  between copyright protection and technology has suffered difficulties in the past , with technology perceived  as a threat  more than a development  opportunity .

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WebTV Tecnologia Streaming

“Streaming” is a technology allowing access to video/audio multimedia contents over  an IP network. It is common awareness that audio/video information requires high broadband performance, which also has to be increased with quality improvement .

This means , according to web standards, a very  long average time for audio/video downloading on PC  disk. Also, disk space constitutes a  relevant  aspect to take into account: an audiovisual digital clip of ten minutes, discrete quality, might absorb dozen of megabytes.

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Garavot is the reliable and complete solution for Video over IP applications: it covers all functionalities  and processes  linked to production of streaming services and IPTV, applying the ideal contents’ management through different devices. Multiuser and multidevice functions and automatic production’s  workflow make of it a necessary platform for multimedia contents’ management in modern organizations.

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Digital Signage

Scala Digital Signage


Since 1996, Planet is first reseller in Italy for high value added  professional solutions based on suite software for the brand SCALA, world leader in the development of Digital Signage applications , with millions of screens active worldwide

Case Study ElexTV

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