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Unified Communication

Planet supports  Clients in the development of unified  communication systems in order to endavour efficiency and collaboration inside Organizations.

We  have deep knowledge in system integration: from Tele presence rooms to web videocommunication technology.

Tele Presence

tele presence

In the framework of Telepresence, Planet offers exhaustive solutions realized by means of specialized experts coming from the audio video TV production field. Even  interior design,  defining of contribution network and booking systems may be conceived whereas it might be needed.

Room Video Conference

Personal Video Conference Planet

In the framework of Personal Video Conference Planet  recommends an innovative service of video collaboration, fully working in web modality, that represents technology’s state of the art in the field. The technology is offered both as a no investment service  to customer ,or as  a product that might be installed on Client’s farm server or might be hosted by us.


Planet web conference solutions allow real time conferences via the web. Planet, with its products and services, enables company’s internal customers to communicate and interact with groups of any dimension instantly, thanks to  great impact presentation and essential tools of collaboration, as screens sharing, videoconference management among multiple participants and the use of virtual boards.

Planet offers a professional web conference service completely based on the internet, which hasn’t  to do with  dedicated data lines or dial-up (ISDN) instruments or apparata and rooms : a PC and a common web cam are the only tools needed.

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Consiglio Regionale della Valle d'Aosta

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