Compagnia dei Caraibi

Digital signage and audio broadcasting platform.

The personalised digital signage service for centralised space booking provides for the installation of outdoor screens in meeting rooms. The screens display information about space bookings, including names of people who have made bookings, as well as times, duration of bookings, and other useful information. The Service also provides for the customisation of the contents displayed on the displays – such as the company logo and the layout – which helps to create more effective internal communication and a coherent image of the company. The centralised audio broadcasting service consists of a system that allows audio to be broadcast in all areas of the building, using a single wireless broadcasting system. This means that audio can be transmitted evenly across all rooms in the building, without needing to use different devices in each room. This service can be used for the transmission of important messages, as well as music and information content within company buildings.

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