Integrated security, our philosophy.

Security means feeling protected. Integrated security means feeling even more protected. To take care of your organisation and ward off the threat of internal and external attacks, all layers must be secure. That’s why we will redesign your organisation’s security and protocols through a single IT infrastructure capable of providing everything you need in terms of protection. Plant security, system integrity, network security and cyber security in one dimension. We carry out accurate risk and vulnerability assessments as well as continuous monitoring to better protect access to buildings, data and communications.

Plant Security, protect your premises.
A highly integrated service to the security subsystems as well as to the other levels, which includes activities such as video surveillance, anti-intrusion systems, perimeter security and monitoring of access flows to buildings and protected areas. Video analysis support for inputs and outputs and timely and efficient reporting.

    Network Security, defend your network.
    How secure is your network? In the event of attacks, would your network be well protected? Planet manages access and the cloud, protects the network with dedicated firewalls, routers and switches, ensures the stability of network ports, protocols and services, takes care of Wi-Fi access and assists the customer with accurate and specific penetration tests.

      System Integrity, the right solution to protect your sensitive data.
      A thorough and targeted assessment service for your organisation's IT infrastructure, configuration of hardware and software for cutting-edge servers and workstations and search for effective solutions in accordance with regulatory compliance and performance best practices. Thanks to accurate assessments of systems, Planet can guarantee solutions to maintain business continuity and respond to any disaster recovery effectively and efficiently.