A comprehensive service to create, record, archive and disseminate your video content and your events.

The Planet system is an interconnected world of skills, applications and services that play a vital role in the creation, archiving and sharing of video and multimedia material for your organisation. Thanks to proprietary modular platforms, we develop data in the cloud and on premises, we adopt applications such as digital signage, web conferences, web TV & IP TV and live streaming to optimise the sharing of data and content. Furthermore, we organise and manage professional and high-level physical and phygital events, with the use of increasingly modern recording and directing tools.

We create content, we convey emotions.
What is a video if not a collection of moments? Share your videos and your company's videos by relying on our professionalism and experience in the creation, storage and transmission of content. Interconnection, practicality and technical know-how are what make Planet the right partner for all your digital needs.

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    Events and video conferences
    We design and customise every single project, online or phygital event, whether live or recorded, always in a way that is tailor-made and customisable according to the needs of the Organisation.
    Our platforms
    Our platforms and cloud/on-premise services are the perfect solutions for managing and distributing videos within your company. You can efficiently and securely create, store, and broadcast multimedia content, organizing it intuitively. Additionally, our platforms enable access to your content within the company and on the internet through screen networks, videowalls, artwalls, and training.