Regione Lombardia

Digitisation of Historical Archives and transcriptions

The multimedia infrastructure adopted offers a complete service for the management and publication of offline archived content and for accessing offline and live content. The system provides the standard features of a multimedia digital asset manager for all fields of use (Region, Classroom work, Committees, etc.) and, in addition, to complete the integrated multimedia management of Council and Committee meetings, the following are also guaranteed: superimposed subtitling of the live streaming of board and committee meetings (also through certified quality ASR systems with audio/text synchronisation to the millisecond and with real-time correction by operators who produce the track in respeaking mode); instant transcription of Chamber proceedings, with instant production of the written text and rapid extraction of the text from speeches even during the event; drafting and revision of the report of the council meetings, in parliamentary style, including the documents of the meeting (e.g. voting minutes) and links to the documents present in the databases of the Regional Council; online archiving of meeting reports (indexing, links and full text searches across the entire archive). In addition, the Historical Archive of the reports of meetings was recovered (indexing and full text searches across the entire archive).

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