Garavot, the tool for managing the entire lifecycle of the company's digital assets.

Garavot OVP - PLANET

The middleware developed by Planet is suitable for meeting the production needs of IPTV services, capable of modular functions and Corporate TV and WebTV services.

Garavot is the ideal tool for capturing, managing, and distributing audio/video content. It allows the creation of real broadcast schedules, live channels, and video on demand. The use of open standards, both in software design and in all its structural components, makes Garavot open to custom developments and easy integration with any IT environment.

Live Events

Our expertise in the streaming field enables us to reliably and high-quality broadcast your event on the internet, reaching a global audience. We handle the technical management of your event, providing on-site and remote support, ensuring business continuity. We design cutting-edge events embracing technology to create extraordinary experiences. Whether you are planning a physical or virtual event, we offer one platform solutions for managing various needs, such as access control, branding, content management, chat, voting, integration with Zoom, Teams, audio/video setup, immersive lighting, and much more.

Multimedia Library

The Multimedia Library is a versatile and scalable cloud platform certified by AGID, allowing the organization, preservation, cataloging, modification, searching, and distribution of digital content at various levels. The application is based on an Online Video Platform (OVP) and provides the right tools for secure management and optimized distribution of content, tailored for libraries, museums, companies, campuses and universities, public administration, financial sector representatives, and online audio/video service providers.


The right platform to transform universities into virtual environments. Perfectly integrated in the cloud with existing LMS and video conferencing solutions, OVP.UNI enables live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) of courses. Lectures can be recorded using specific cameras in the classroom or the instructor’s webcam. The recorded videos can be manually uploaded or captured from live events like Zoom or MS Teams video conferences. Always secure. Always accessible.

EVP Corporate TV

Our EVP Corporate TV platform offers innovative solutions for distributing marketing videos, press releases, and product announcements, significantly simplifying communication with employees and supporting training initiatives. Manage all your corporate videos in one place, access search and content management through the textual search features provided by the Digital Asset Manager (DAM). You can distribute video recordings to all users, safeguarding the network and organization’s security.

Hospitality TV

Our Hospitality TV systems are designed to meet your integrated communication needs on screens in the hospitality industry, providing high-value-added services in each room to ensure maximum comfort and improve guest experiences. We provide turnkey solutions for optimized distribution using Ethernet networks to deliver signals from satellite, terrestrial, or internet sources.

Massive REC

A cloud solution for capturing, recording, and scheduling live streams, suitable for monitoring centers, Corecom, and control rooms. The 24/7 recording service of live content (DVB-T, DVB-S, live streams, FM) is the best end-to-end solution for monitoring TV channels, with DVB-T-C-S tuning headends, integrated video stream transcoding and massive playback and recording, subtitles, speech transcription, video segmentation, and advanced content searches.

Healthcare TV

We offer advanced solutions for managing and optimally distributing video streams from various sources in the healthcare sector. Protecting, encrypting, and standardizing video streams from devices such as cameras, control rooms, and encoders will no longer be a problem. Signals can be recorded and made available for deferred viewing, while automated transcription allows for indexed text search. Our service is AGID certified and uses CDN acceleration for optimized global access, enabling proximity communication on screens (digital signage) and TV signal distribution to create experiences and transmit information.

Spazio PA

The cloud platform dedicated to Public Administration and technological evolution, designed to facilitate continuous and effective dialogue with all citizens and ensure transparent democracy. Live and deferred broadcasting, recording, management, and indexing of council sessions, content sharing through web TV and social media, and podcasts. Clear transcription of speeches and interventions, including accessibility for hearing-impaired citizens. We design and install high-quality audio-video and voting systems to ensure transparent and secret voting, both in-person and via video conferencing.


The Planet cloud platform designed for television broadcasters. It allows importing linear TV channels and on-demand content, optimizing content management to reach the target audience. OVP.OTT comes with professional statistics for engagement monitoring, specialized services for CDN distribution design, and HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) services to create interactive and engaging TV experiences.


A 360° broadcasting experience. Superior-quality live mixing, switching, recording, and streaming of SD, full HD, and 4K video sources, including cameras, video files, DVDs, images, and PowerPoint presentations. We simplify the directing process with pre-defined scenarios for rapid, precise, and clean scene changes.
Graphics, videos, galleries, and presentations are seamlessly integrated into the production, and complex operations are managed with easy-to-use tablet remotes for on-scenario directing, offering fully intuitive and practical control. We also handle SDI, HDMI, NDI signal routing, camera auto-patching, metadata delivery, and ODG points taken from conference systems like Bosch, Taiden, Shure (DIS).

Tourist Webcams

A new cloud service for streaming and sharing images. AGID-certified, we collect your content to organize, categorize, enrich, and present it on personalized and accelerated CDN front-ends. Our expert team specializes in designing custom shooting stations tailored to each situation. Turnkey solutions to ensure the highest quality for your most beautiful memories. Examples include Regione Lombardia and Regione Valle d’Aosta.

Garavot DS

An effective way to communicate. With our intuitive tools and access to a centralized management platform, you can make real-time updates, modify messages, and monitor the performance of your digital signage. We design and implement communication systems through screens, videowalls, artwalls, ledwalls, and totems, where your imagination comes to life. Innovative solutions that turn your spaces into engaging and dynamic experiences, providing tailor-made solutions for every environment. Make the most of technology.


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