The Planet system is an interconnected world of skills, applications and services that play a vital role in the creation, archiving and sharing of video and multimedia material for your organisation. Thanks to proprietary modular platforms, we develop data in the cloud and on premises, we adopt applications such as digital signage, web conferences, web TV & IP TV and live streaming to optimise the sharing of data and content. Furthermore, we organise and manage professional and high-level physical and phygital events, with the use of increasingly modern recording and directing tools.

smart it

Intelligent solutions for operations management services and convergence of all systems on IT infrastructures. Not just mere Change Management support, but concrete, strategic and operational help, in guaranteeing the customer the optimal conditions to adopt new ways of working and thus enhance the company’s performance. System integration, network efficiency, cloud computing virtualisation and optimisation of multivendor environments: a whole world in your hands.

planet formazione assistita

We offer cutting-edge solutions, artificial intelligence systems and gamification paths, making training highly personalised and engaging. Training solutions based on web, mobile and Digital Education environments. Innovative training to support companies in facilitating change, fostering growth and dominating their reference market.


Security means feeling protected. Integrated security means feeling even more protected. To take care of your organisation and ward off the threat of internal and external attacks, all layers must be secure. That’s why we will redesign your organisation’s security and protocols through a single IT infrastructure capable of providing everything you need in terms of protection. Plant security, system integrity, network security and cyber security in one dimension. We carry out accurate risk and vulnerability assessments as well as continuous monitoring to better protect access to buildings, data and communications.