Planet, People, Prosperity

A healthy, open, and inclusive ecosystem that respects the social and natural environment in which we are immersed.

Generating value guides our business decisions as much as social and environmental responsibility with a sustainable perspective. We consistently work to build a healthy, open, and inclusive ecosystem that respects the social and natural environment in which we are immersed. Our headquarter is an example of our commitment. The building was designed by Massimo Trotto Gatta, one of the leading experts in bioecological architecture in our region, and inspired by his project using vegetal materials exhibited at the GAM, the modern art museum in Turin, in 2007.

Intelligent use of material from controlled and sustainable cultivation, large glazed surfaces to ensure natural light inside the spaces, and combined openings at different levels of the structure allow for natural air circulation, drawing inspiration from Antoni Gaudí’s visionary architecture in the Casa Batlló in Barcelona. This solution enables natural heat dissipation, allowing the structure to utilize a low-impact summer cooling system instead of a conventional air conditioning system.

Furthermore, the building’s energy impact is reduced by the installation of a photovoltaic system and the use of heat pumps to maintain ideal working temperatures. In recent years, the system has been complemented by medical-grade UV purifiers, which use clean energy to eliminate viruses and bacteria within a smart, integrated space controlled by constant, real-time, and precise home automation through an app developed by us.

Our Commitment
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: 75% of the supplies we need are sourced within 130 km of our facility.
  • Sustainable Mobility: we promote the use of sustainable transportation means such as bicycles and electric vehicles, encouraged by the installation of an electric vehicle charging station for employees and visitors.
  • Sustainable Waste Management: we adopt a waste management policy based on reduction and recycling, promoting the use of recycled and/or recyclable materials.
  • Non-profit Initiatives: we incentivize participation in local non-profit initiatives, such as contributing to the creation of the “Friendly Minibus” for the transportation of differently-abled individuals and supplying recycled PCs to youth centers.
  • Legality: Planet is certified with 2 stars in the Legal Rating, with the third star in the process of obtaining.